What is this site?

www.7dollarpopcorn.com is under development.  Please see: www.popcorn.ezmethod.com

You might be wondering why this site is called the 7 dollar popcorn. Products here are not 7 dollars, okay? The number 7 is chosen because it is famous to the Chinese. To them, the number 7 is a lucky number that symbolizes “togetherness.” Aside from that, among the Western people, the number 7 is considered to be the luckiest number too. And in both cultures, it is one of the rarest great numbers. Apart from the relationship of the number 7 to different cultures, the number 7 is also associated with other stuff too like in sports, in religion, in films, in literature, music, video games, and other places. To mention a few, there are 7 days a week, there are 7 chakras, there are 7 notes in the major scale, and Snow White has 7 dwarfs. The list goes on and on but when it comes to food, there is no recorded association between food and the number 7. What is the real reason for this name? To be honest, it was just completely random.